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Heart Warrior - by Randall Morgan

Heart Warrior chronicles Randall Morgan’s remarkable rise in the country music business in Nashville, to an international ministry of music and hope, to having one of the most unique heart surgeries—an aortic dissection—that became an advertising hit docu-drama. On the edge of death, Randall emerges with a narrative of God’s faithfulness that cuts between his diagnosis in Budapest and his personal journey of Faith – from religion to relationship. This story has led him and can lead you to the very heart of God.

Randall Morgan, a native of Nashville, Tennessee, is an Author, International Speaker and Founder of the international SOZO Festival. He has performed with country legends such as Randy Travis and Jim Ed Brown, and has worked with the Country Music Association, ASCAP, and has served as a pastor, speaker and singer in over 50 countries.

“The tear in my aorta happened while I was out with friends for a Sunday afternoon proverbial three-hour tour on a lake in Holland aboard a cabin cruiser. My friends, David and Evelyne (Oprel) Lloyd, had been working with me in Eastern Europe for a couple of years by this point. We sang together in one of our Tramps street bands. We had been in a number of countries in outreaches from Holland to Bulgaria, Turkey to Hungary but with a real focus on Croatia and Sarajevo, after the tragic siege of the city from 1992-1996. “

from Heart Warrior

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Terry Warren

This autobiography provides hope based on the author’s experiences of overcoming both medical and personal challenges. I would definitely recommend it.

Terry Warren
Executive Coach

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 “This story is real,” reads the super that opens each of six serialized television spots for St. Thomas Hospital in Nashville, TN. “There are no scripts and no actors.” Rather, we’re witness to a real-life crisis. Oscar-winning documentarian Barbara Kopple follows the case of 45-year-old Randall Morgan, who presents with a dissected aorta and undergoes high-risk surgery to repair it. “This is not a simple, straightforward problem,” we see the surgeon inform him. “This is much more severe than we thought it was… he has a high risk of dying from the complications.” 

ADVERTISING AGE, February 23, 1998
Hospital spots dose reality with restraint
(Bob Garfield’s Ad Review)